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Dirty Handz 1 - Destruction of Paris City

A classic, released in 1999, this video of 50 minutes duration opens the trilogy. It focuses only on graffiti in the railway world.

It includes various activities such as degradation inside subway cars but also the metro station. One can also see various scenes are painted exterior metro, RER and SNCF trains. Long passages are devoted to the exhibition of his work when the trains run. One can also see how the graffiti artists are introduced in trains deposits.

Different crews as can be seen in 132 activities, GAP, SDK and CLM.

The video opens with a sound clip of the film by Stanley Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket (the scene or the drill sergeant says its operation to new recruits). The soundtrack is made up of different musical styles such as punk, funk, electronic music and rap (NWA and Wu Tang Clan).

Akye BBK
Dimanche 16 Avril 2017

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