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Dirty Handz 2 - Back on Tracks

Released in 2001, this suite brings together more crew: 13ers 156, BASF, CLM (Controle The Metro), FMK, GT (Grim Team), MX, SMEs, SDK (Stealing Dealing Killing), TMA (Railway Mon Ami) of Liege, T? C (The Unknown Crew) and the Swedish WUFC (Writers United Fuckin 'Crazy) in Stockholm. 

The action always takes place in Paris, it is considered a classic in the genre of graffiti video through passages that marked the spirits. Including the first scene or the SDK and RER WUFC paint a soundtrack with songs like DJ Vadim 'The Terrorist' and Pharoahe Monch Simon Says', or that or O'Clock (156) ravaged the inside RSP wagon with a marker demonstrating great dexterity. 

In addition to scenes in trains deposits (RER, metro and SNCF trains), one can see numerous passages in the street including Jonone (156), Seb (FMK) or the Grim Team, running tags and throw -up. In addition, we discover the use of peak ice to burn them permanently underground.

Akye BBK
Dimanche 16 Avril 2017

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