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The BBoyKonsian Shop is an online shop with CD, DVD, Vinyls, T-shirts, Sweats, Keffiehs, Books, Fanzines and other products.
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Before Reggae 1951-1962

Catégorie : Reggae

20,00 €

Quadruple compilation CD

CD 1 - 1951-1959

1-01 –Lord Fly Whai, Whai, Whai
1-02 –Louise Bennett Bongo Man
1-03 –Harold Richardson & The Ticklers Glamour Gal
1-04 –Alerth Bedasse & Chin's Calypso Sextet Depression
1-05 –Alerth Bedasse & Chin's Calypso Quintet Night Food
1-06 –Alerth Bedasse & The Local Calypso Quintet* Rough Rider
1-07 –Count Lasher & His Calypsonians Calypso Cha Cha
1-08 –Count Lasher & Charlie Binger Calabash
1-09 –Lord Flea & His Calypsonians The Naughty Little Flea
1-10 –Baba Motta & His Jamaicans She Pon Top
1-11 –Laurel Aitken Ghana Independence (They Got It)
1-12 –Laurel Aitken Nightfall In Zion
1-13 –Laurel Aitken Aitken's Boogie
1-14 –Count Owen & His Calypsonians* Island In The Sun
1-15 –Lord Lebby Ethiopia
1-16 –Laurel Aitken Walls Of Jericho
1-17 –Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats Baba Kill Me Goat
1-18 –Duke Reid & His Group* What Makes Honey
1-19 –Duke Reid & His Group* Duke's Cookies
1-20 –Laurel Aitken Boogie In My Bones
1-21 –Laurel Aitken Little Sheila
1-22 –Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats Boogie Rock
1-23 –Theophilus Beckford Easy Snapping

CD 2 - 1959-1961

2-01 –Alton & Eddie* Muriel
2-02 –Lord Lebby & The Jamaican Calypsonians One Kiss For My Baby
2-03 –Laurel Aitken Honey Girl
2-04 –Laurel Aitken Come Back Jeannie
2-05 –Owen Gray Jenny Lee
2-06 –Higgs & Wilson Manny Oh
2-07 –Neville Esson Shimmy & Twist
2-08 –Wilfred "Jackie" Edwards* & The Caribs We're Gonna Love
2-09 –Trenton Spence Trenton's Hop
2-10 –Derrick Morgan Lover Boy (South Corner Rock)
2-11 –Derrick Morgan Fat Man
2-12 –Don Drummond & The City Slickers Don Cosmic
2-13 –Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats* Hully Gully Rock
2-14 –Owen Gray & The Caribs Please Let Me Go
2-15 –Byron Lee & The Dragonaires* Dumplin'
2-16 –Lloyd Clarke Parapinto Boogie
2-17 –Keith & Enid Worried Over You
2-18 –The Jiving Juniors Lollipop Girl
2-19 –Laurel Aitken Judgement Day
2-20 –Charlie Binger & His Quintet Jamaica Is The Place To Go
2-21 –The Charmers Lonely Boy
2-22 –Cecil Byrd Ba Ba Black Sheep
2-23 –Clancy Eccles Freedom

CD 3 - 1961

3-01 –Folkes Brothers, The* Oh Carolina
3-02 –The Mellow Cats* & Count Ossie Rock A Man's Soul
3-03 –Bunny & Skitter* Lumumba
3-04 –Prince Buster They Got To Go
3-05 –Eric "Monty" Morris Humpty Dumpty
3-06 –Basil Gabbidon War Paint Baby
3-07 –Shenley Duffus Saturday Night Rock
3-08 –Bunny & Skitter* Rock With Me Baby
3-09 –Don Drummond That Man Is Back
3-10 –Lloyd Clarke Girl's Rush
3-11 –Jimmy Cliff I'm Sorry
3-12 –Theophilus Beckford Mr Downpressor
3-13 –Monty* & The Cyclones Summertime
3-14 –Monty* & The Cyclones Lazy Lou
3-15 –Clue J. & His Blues Blasters* Milk Lane Hop
3-16 –Aubrey Adams & The Dudroppers* Lady In Red
3-17 –Girl Satchmo Darling
3-18 –The Downbeats (9) Midnight Love
3-19 –The Downbeats (9) Thinkin' Of You
3-20 –Derrick And Patsy Let The Good Times Roll
3-21 –Derrick And Patsy Housewife's Choice
3-22 –Kes Chin & The Souveniers S-U-K-I-N
3-23 –Lord Laro Referendum Calypso

CD 4 - 1962

4-01 –Prince Buster Wash Wash
4-02 –Jimmy Cliff Dearest Beverley
4-03 –Desmond Dekker Honor Your Mother & Father
4-04 –Robert "Bob" Marley* Judge Not
4-05 –The Maytals Hallelujah
4-06 –Delroy Wilson Lion Of Judah
4-07 –Cornell Campbell & The City Slickers Each Lonely Night
4-08 –Stranger Cole Rough & Tough
4-09 –Derrick Morgan (Went To) The Hop
4-10 –The Jiving Juniors Sugar Dandy
4-11 –Basil Gabbidon & Buster's Group Hully Gully Miss Molly
4-12 –Theophilus Beckford Walking Down King Street
4-13 –Owen Gray Twist Baby
4-14 –Owen Gray Twist So Fine
4-15a –Prince Buster Oil In My Lamp
4-15b –Prince Buster Sammy Dead
4-16 –Derrick Morgan Forward March
4-17 –Al T. Joe Rise Jamaica (Independence Time Is Here)
4-18 –Prince Buster & The Blue Beats (2) Independence Song
4-19 –Rico* & The Blue Beats (2) August 1962
4-20 –The Rhythm Aces (3) Joy Bells For Independence
4-21 –Basil Gabbidon Independence Blues
4-22 –Lord Creator Independent Jamaica
4-23 –Jimmy Cliff Miss Jamaica

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